The jewelry design of i-Witch caters for those seeking feminine, artistic jewelry; in which every piece is handmade, and unique in itself.

Ivana Westin, the designer of i-Witch, has always had a passion for creating boutique jewelry. Handmade jewelry is her speciality; each piece of jewelry is custom-made with an attention to detail and quality. Once a piece is purchased, the owner is assured of possessing a piece of unique jewelry. There is enough diversity of design to satisfy any buyer.

The handcrafted jewelry of i-Witch uses only the finest materials that have been carefully and specially selected from all over the world. i-Witch jewelry contains Gemstones, Luxury Semi-precious stones, Sea and Freshwater Pearls, Bohemian and Swarovski Crystals, 925 Sterling Silver, Gold-filled findings, solid Copper and both Silver and Gold-plated parts and other material from long established manufacturers in the Czech Republic, Japan, Switzerland and elsewhere.

Every piece is designed and crafted by an artist of more than twenty years experience in designing and creating beautiful jewelry of many different types and colours.

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